Thursday, January 29, 2015

UW-Madison lazy faculty ranks only 6th worldwide in patents

Those slackers should lock up their unproductive labs and start grading more pop quizzes.

More context, with multiple links, here.

Walker '16.


Anonymous said...

Act 10 (2.0) means it is time for Walker Recall (2.0).
It will at the least distract him from his presidential bid.

Anonymous said...

Why is this short sighted little corporate pimp so hell bent on chasing out of Wisconsin the very people who move Wisconsin forward? Now he has the balls to claim that Act 10 has improved education in that we are 2nd in ACT scores[ we always were] and that graduation rates are up [they always were high nationally. He spews that paying teachers less and driving the best and brightest from the classroom and giving the remaining teachers a 1% of inflation pay raise annually has made teachers better? This goof has now gone beyond divide and conquer to starve and destroy. But even that is not enough for the Gods calling preacher's son he needs to demean and denigrate also the individuals and institutions as he destroys them!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is a sophomore at UW-Madison. My son's application is postponed there, but he is accepted at University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I am a UW-Madison graduate. So I love the place, but I think it's not going to be the same place even if he does get in. What would you tell him?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it unusual that our governor always has these epiphanies immediately following an election. He worked right up the street from U.W. for the last 4 years but never once mentioned that the system was filled with fat and professors weren't working hard enough. Sure he cut their budget before but that was Doyle's fault as the state was broke and everybody needed to chip in. Now the state is broke again because some bonehead in the government gave away tax cuts with no money in the treasury. Now all of a sudden Charlie Sykes masquerading as God called the governor and told him that the professors were being paid too much and teaching to little. Charlie and the governor put the figure at $300 million that could be saved if the professors taught one more class per week. In fact Charlie gave his good friend the governor an article spelling this out. [ANYBODY REMEMBER PLAGERISM] Because Walker is up to his elbows in alligators with a broke government of his own making the $300 million was just the epiphany he was seeking. Yet Walker had another epiphany[ immediately after the election] he could give a small group of highly ,highly over paid athletes $225 million to build a new play pen, with no admonition that if they each made just one more basket per game they would win more games and draw more people to help pay for the new play pen! I'm sure come next Tuesday the governor will give us more epiphanies [budget] that have come to him since the election that will leave most of us worse off than before.

Anonymous said...

I think recalling Walker again is a great idea.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

I'd say Madison is the one place that could make up for these cuts through its other revenue sources, and it's still an amazing place to go to school if you can afford it. Yes, I'm a biased Badger.

But as for the rest of the System, and what's going to be left for the state after your kids graduate? This is what really worries me about this situation.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the idea that UW-Madison can make up the budget cut through other revenue streams: Grants can't be used to pay for the instructional mission. Grant funds are used to cover the cost of the research, and the reporting requirements for Federal grants requires an accounting of all of that money. To divert it to the instructional mission would likely be regarded as fraudulent use of those funds.
Donors don't want to make gifts to cover the instructional mission - they generally want to fund new and innovative projects. A previous Chancellor talked about their contributions covering the "Margin of Excellence" above the state share and tuition revenue. People will give for that. But donors won't give to cover what they consider to be the state's responsibility to support its public university. (In fact, thanks to this bonehead move, donors will probably give less, or make donations with the caveat that they not support general operations.)
So, it looks like it will be tuition making up the deficit. Might as well be a private university, eh?