Monday, January 26, 2015

Rapid vapid vaping venting

One WI legislator supports restrictions on public vaping, another sets aside his wolf marinade to rapidly vapidly ventilate for "people of the legal age."
Vapor devices contain nicotine without the tar, old mattresses and rat poison contained in tobacco cigarettes and cigars. In the body, nicotine has virtually the same effects as when caffeine is consumed...
It's not governments [sic] job [sic] tell people of the legal age that they are not allowed to partake in a legal activity. 


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that the Republican legislators simply can't find anything meaningful to legislate! They are becoming habitual at passing legislation that goes searching for a problem such as this vaping proposal. Prior to this we had the voter I D bill which passed even though not one single legislator had in their possession any evidence of voter fraud. Presently we have both Houses racing to pass school accountability bills because of failing schools in Wisconsin. Apparently 423 districts out of 424 school districts in Wisconsin are not rated as failing with only the MPS school district rated as failing. This being the case it appears that failing schools are not the major problem that "Popcorn king" Robin Vos wants us to believe. Perhaps their plan to privatize public schools is not based on fact but merely political desire to live within the ALEC play book. It behooves all of us to ask our legislative representatives which schools within their legislative district are failing. I'm willing to bet with the exception of some Milwaukee schools you'll get about the same answer that was provided to the voter fraud question. Much of what they propose is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist!

Anonymous said...

The guy is a Ken doll--without the good looks.