Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Scott Walker fulfills right-wing's WI dream w/savage UW cut

!3% f.u. to the UW.

Take that, liberal elite Madison-based Democratic institution.

Essentially, Walker will do to the UW system what he and the right have done to public schools: cut the funding, diminish the teaching profession, lower the overall standard and advance a preference for charters and privatized influence.

Why would an ambitious high schooler,  top-shelf grad student, or young professor come to the UW if the system will have little money to invest?

The system campuses get more 'freedom' - - that multi-purposed right-wing mantra, from Freedom Fries to the Freedom to choose your taxpayer-subsidized private school - - the freedom to fight each other for pieces of a block grant not tied to need or dreams, but to the rate of inflation.

It took a long time to create and nurture the great UW system, but will take just a blink in time to trash it.

It gave the state and world the outreach and service motto, creed and practice "Wisconsin Idea."

Just replaced by Scott Walker's "Dim Bulb." Flip the switch to the right.

Think small, Bucky,

Walker '16.


Anonymous said...

This fool will have killed education from kindergarten through advanced degrees before he gets the hell out of Wisconsin. This now adds up to $550 million in cuts to the U.W. system since 2011. He is also going to mess with the Worker's Compensation Program that works fine and doesn't involve any taxpayer money! It is time once again for the masses to convene at the Capitol so the people of Wisconsin have their attention drawn to what this incompetent fool is doing to our state.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker: the anti-education candidate.