Monday, January 26, 2015

GTac mine in NW WI on hold, spin not withstanding

The GTac mine people can blame Pres. Obama and conjure all sorts insurmountable barriers to their environmentally-devastating open-pit, mountain-top-removal, Lake Superior-watershed-polluting, toxin-spewing plan, but we know that they know this mine at that spot in this decade or more is not an economically-feasible venture.

And one after which they will not throw more good money after the bad $700,000 they already wasted on Scott Walker - - and which will resurface the more that Walker exposes his record to national media looking to find out what he and his friend John Doe have really been up to these last few years.

As with the poor-people's mandatory drug-testing proposal Walker is now abandoning, he got personally and politically what he needed from the mine: campaign money and PR as an alleged job-creator while his signature, 250,000 new jobs plan and promise was cratering.

The sooner the plug is pulled on this environmental-and-cultural disaster-in-waiting, the better. 

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Max B. said...

In addition to the mine's non- feasibility, G-Tac would never have been able to deliver on its fantastical promises of jobs, jobs and jobs. Somebody, somewhere, sometime might have noticed that.