Wednesday, January 21, 2015

On "Morning Joe," Walker serves messed up word salad

Remember that annoying kid in class who always had his hand up because he was in love with the sound of his own voice - - but actually had nothing of substance to say that furthered the discussion?

There he was - - our Tea Party Governor with a few minutes of time on MSNBC today, - - and, again we saw that without cue cards or a script or an ear piece to prompt him, quick thinking and mere words are his enemy, as he:

*  Jabbered nervously about President Obama's State of the Union speech, and noted that the President had not come out for Walker's worker training and other state-level programs.

* Talked about "the Democrat party," an intentional error used by right-wing, talk-radio inspired Republicans to diminish the Democratic Party.

* Praised President Obama for standing with the French people against terror, but then noted that he, Walker, had done the same in his State of the State speech a few days earlier. Translation: The President followed Walker's lead.

*  Followed his handlers' instructions by invoking Ronald Reagan, but also drew an unfortunate comparison with The Great Communicator by exposing himself as The Great Discombobulater, when...

*  He deflected a question about his lack of foreign policy experience by saying that the obviously more-experienced Hillary Clinton - -  whom Walker fantasizes as his '16 opponent - - had spent time as Secretary of State in areas of the world that were now "messed up."

Not impressive.

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