Sunday, January 25, 2015

Do Iowa farmers know Walker has not embraced ethanol?

Corn is Iowa's biggest crop, and corn-based ethanol that Big Government wants added to gasoline blends is another huge money-maker for Iowans.

But do Iowans know that Scott Walker barely talks about ethanol?

What's an ideologue who says he's against government mandates to do when he's seeking votes and campaign donations from people who rely on government's support for ethanol production?

Duck the issue:
Walker says he's keeping a campaign pledge to not take a position in the debate that has pitted ethanol producers against Wisconsin's small-engine industry, which opposes increased use of the fuel additive.
Then a few months later he put the word "ethanol" on a list of energy programs to be "explored, like wind and solar power, though he has blocked some wind farm development and let his Public Service Commissioners - - more Big Government market-place intrusion - - approve new fees that make solar installations less economically attractive.

I'm betting Iowa corn growers who sell to ethanol producers would not like that kind of support.

So we can expect that Iowans will want to know where Walker stands on ethanol production; an Iowan no less important Gov. Terry Branstad has said that backing corn-to-ethanol must be on 2016 presidential candidates' agendas.

Iowans should also want to examine Walker's fresh restrictions on food state availability, because food stamps and other big government programs attached to the US Department of Agriculture also help farmers and their states' economies, too.

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