Saturday, January 24, 2015

Iowa Governor makes unreasonable demand on Walker's time

Iowa's GOP Gov. Terry Branstad expects 2016 presidential hopefuls like budding Hawkeye Scott Walker to visit all 99 Iowa counties.

That's putting a pretty heavy demand to lay on Walker. Doesn't Branstad know Walker's in Iowa today after already making two recent trips in a week to California and has major responsibilities to a New Hampshire constituency not to be snubbed?

Look at the all primaries and dates piled one on top of another.

And how does Branstad expect Walker to speed date through Iowa
File:Nasa blue marble.jpg
when he has other routine obligations to fulfill, like his upcoming, and separate trips, to England and Israel?

Maybe Germany, too.

Does Branstad not understand that this candidacy of Walker's is more than a full-time job?

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