Friday, January 30, 2015

UW development arm needs to tell its story now

[updated from 12:39 p.m.] The UW knows its faculty, grant-attraction and spending creates jobs and boosts local and statewide economics. It has the data to expose Walker's 'one-more-class' snarky superficiality as nothing more than a talk radio throwaway.

But the UW needs to get its economic development people busy telling that story in down-to-earth language and through human stories that put a face on the reality - - and then get that content and contact information to every newspaper, civic institution, chamber of commerce, local government and resident with an email account, now.

Walker and his allies are running a campaign against the UW, and the system must respond like a candidate suddenly hit with a barrage of negative ads even if it finds the fight distasteful.


Anonymous said...

bwah ha ha ha!

You mean they can expect the state's media to accurately tell the story?

bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Anyone that thought they could submit a fact-based piece to lee enterprises, milwaukee journal sentinel, wtmj-am or wtmj4, gannet clear channel, and accurately tell their story is not paying attention.

Scott Walker gets away with this because the media supports him and props him up with disinformation and outright propaganda.

Anonymous said...

And, of course, if we had media in Wisconsin that was interested in informing people, we would have a "watchdog" report that would have been telling this story a long time ago -- kind of too-little too-late now, isn't it?

Nothing that appears in the media about this is going to change a thing and that is by design, not by chance or accident.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin's mainstream media: the watchdogs that DIDN'T bark.

Anonymous said...

I would rather take the message directly to the Capitol in the form of thousands of people marching so that the media has to pay attention and so that the rest of the country can see the death blow this governor is dealing to education in Wisconsin. In fact he continues to kill the economy with his actions as U. W. brings in about $15 billion to the economy. Walker wouldn't kill a corporation that had that kind of impact!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:28

Don't kid yourself -- it did nothing in 2011 -- the media will just falsely portray everyone as out-of-state union thugs. The media is not going to cover protests any more honestly or accurately than it covers walker's deceptions.

Please explain how protesters are going to stop anything?

You are badly mistaken if you actually believe this.

So just what did the protests change in the past?

Answer: NOTHING because walker and his croneys don't work for us.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

I harbor no illusions- any protests won't be to make the WisGOPs change their minds.

Protests will be to show the rest of the nation that we do not accept this BS. And we will not expect the media to call it fair, but it can be done to grab the attention.

Which is a great reason to do it. And to not be as nice as in 2011