Monday, January 26, 2015

On drug testing, Walker's big bold wimp out

Walkeropathy outbreak. The emperor just lost another of his empty suits:
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Backing Down From Food Stamp Fight
Asking the Obama administration for permission to drug-test aid recipients before they get their food stamps or unemployment assistance is certainly different from Walker's initial tough-guy promise to establish and enforce it.

Walker got out of the manufactured issue what he needed at the time - - a 2014 campaign signal to deeply conservative voters motivated by resentment and ignorance.

Bottom line, as I've said often: He will unleash his peculiar Walkeropathy, a thoughtless and self-centered disrespecting manipulation of anyone or anything at anytime for his own career advancement.

His personal, partisan appropriation of state power could be aimed at central city voters one day, low-income women the next, then at Native Americans trying to shed a school district's insulting logos when his timing called for it.

His target might be a pristine watershed or a state office building or public, DNR-managed acreage eyed by his donors.

Or public school teachers, then your snow plow operators or prison guards or recycling program or local bus system. 

Whatever he needs, whenever he wants it - - so if keeping his foot on the neck of low-income and out-of work Wisconsinites met his campaign's needs on a given day, so be it.

Heads up, American.


Anonymous said...

It is shameful that he keeps throwing out bones to the hate mongers who want nothing more than to have victims presented to them that they can then rally their fellow haters and go on a public feeding frenzy as they attack those who have fallen on hard times! I find it hard to believe that his dad preached demeaning of the poor rather than being our brother's keeper!

Anonymous said...

How is it possible for a preacher to have raised the evil hate spewing offspring we see in front of us. As parents we all should work to pass on a surname to be proud of. My guess is the Walker name will forever be cursed once the history is written. It couldn't happen to a more deserving evil individual.