Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wauwatosa went for Walker, he goes for its tax base

Gov. Walker won a majority of the 2014 vote in his hometown of Wauwatosa, data show, but that apparently offers no protection from his road-builder agency that has its long-distance eye on local businesses and other real estate there:
[Project manager Vida] Shaffer said the DOT is considering adding turn lanes at all signalized intersections, and looking at adding a through lane in each direction [on Highway 100] from Interstate 94 to Burleigh Road.
The expansion could call for the DOT to purchase businesses and residences along the corridor, mostly likely near intersections, in order to widen the road. Shaffer said there will be real estate agents at future neighborhood meetings to talk with property owners about their options.
Oh, and sorry about those bike lanes. Seems there's no state money available, so Wauwatosa residents already set to lose tax base will carry the alternatives' burden too:
Shaffer said the DOT is considering adding shoulder lanes on the road that bikers would be able to use, but any bike lane markings or sharrows would likely have to be funded by the city. 
Story Hill, et al, you've got company in Club Boondoggle. photo

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