Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Start the Chris Christie/Green Bay countdown clock

Forget the point spread, the weather forecast, Aaron Rodgers calf and Tony Romo's Burlington roots: The biggest story line unfolding about Sunday's Packers-Cowboys game in Green Bay is whether Jerry Jones will fly the Mojo Man Chris Christie in for another round of orange sweater high-fivin'.

 We'll know that Christie is headed for Lambeau if there are sudden lane closures on the Leo Frigo bridge. Maybe Walker will photobomb the Texas-New Jersey party and Jerry Jones can work his magic on our Governor, too. 

Christie did come into Wisconsin and campaigned for potential rival Walker last fall. Walker hid him up north at an obscure event that drew tens.

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CJ said...

Packer fans and attendees- Bring your "Proud Union Member" signs to the game.