Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stand with journalism today

The mass murder of journalists and others at a satirical Parisian newspaper is a crime against free expression everywhere. Today is a day for speaking out for the victims, their craft and its universal and crucial value. And for remembering other journalists recently killed, captured and imprisoned for doing their jobs.

Worldwide Twitter hashtag #JeSuisCharlie

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Anonymous said...

I am a conservative republican and I am sure that you and probably do not agree on much, but this I think we do. I believe that all speech and forms of expressions should be protected, no matter how offensive. As a Christian, I have seen Jesus Christ defamed in almost every way possible, which I have found offensive. But I would never in a million years want harm done to the person doing it. They have every right to do it. Anyway, I pray for the families of the victims and for the swift justice of the individuals responsible