Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Does Washington really want Walker backwash from the backwater?

Walker has been saying that Washington can learn a thing or two about Wisconsin - - chutzpah alert with extra Molotov! - - so I suppose this half-hour rule for the minority party goes hand-in-hand with other Walker/GOP-enabled backwash from the backwater:
Assembly Republicans seek limits on legislative debates
Reduced absentee voting hours, cooked data and white-washed official reports, mandatory Voter ID, and the planned expulsion for excess liberalism of State Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, 81, though the truth-deficient GOP sponsors of the get-Shirley bill are hiding behind the ageist and arbitrary canard that no one is fit to sit on a judicial bench in Wisconsin past the age of seventy-five even if it's the will of the people who have managed to vote despite all the obstacles put in their way.

Yeah, that's the Wisconsin Way these days, a variation on Chris Christie's more blunt "sit down and shut up."

Thirty minutes for debate. No absentee voting on weekends or late evenings. Not a day over the age of seventy-five for the Chief Justice and other judges.

Not to mention the inflation Walker's brought to bill-writing. The going rate is $700,000 and counting.

Yes, these are the bold ideas that Walker can carry to the nation, dreamed up his donor friends and water-carriers in the Legislature who have morphed from part-time generalists into experts on aging, voting rights and the value of the free flow of ideas in open rigged debate..

Not the Wisconsin Idea as originally conceived.


Anonymous said...

Today, Bob McDonald, the former governor of Virginia, was sentenced to two years in federal prison on corruption charges. Bob McDonald was once on the short-list to be Mitt Romney's running mate, and was even mentioned as as a future presidential candidate. Perhaps in the end, Scott Walker's bill-writing will cost him much more than $700,000.

boxer said...

How old was their GOP hero, Reagan, when he finished his second term? Reagan left office in the throes of dementia, and arguably suffered from it his entire second term. Age has nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

This legislative session will be a circus. Republican control means their agenda will hands down be implemented. Their caucus will agree on each bill or legislation before hand and simply walk into the chambers nod to the Democrats that time is up and cast the vote. This is all the more reason that a panel of citizens should be put in place to access the accountability of our legislators as to knowledge of the content of bills, actual time spent working on legislation and the meaningfulness of their time when in session. I suspect it would establish that a part-time legislature is all the government needed in Wisconsin!