Monday, December 1, 2014

Yee-haw! Make Wisconsin more like poverty-ridden Texas

It seems a Scott Walker fan at one of those righty policy institutes would like to see taxing and spending by Wisconsin more closely resemble levels in the Lone Star State.

While we seem to headed in Texas' direction when it comes to restricting health insurance for the poor, anti-union politicking, punitive Planned Parenthood clinic closings and suppressionist voter ID laws, do we really want to budget like Texas and approach its bottom-dwelling poverty ratings?
AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – Texas continues to have the highest rate in the country of people without health insurance and ranks among the top-10 highest in poverty.
You know - - both states have municipalities named Cleveland, Franklin and Greenville, politicians carrying the Walker name, professional baseball teams for which both Nelson Cruz and Prince Fielder have played, and shared history with quarterback Tony Romo.

That's enough similarities for me.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

And with oil prices imploding, let's see how much longer the righties try to talk up the "Tex-ass miracle" when there are massive job losses from a busting energy sector.

It's almost like the WisGOPs think a higher-quality education, covering more people with health insurance, paying decent wages for jobs and having high voter turnout is a BAD thing.

Anonymous said...

It's not almost like.......that's exactly how it is with the GOP. They want to add to the abundance of those who have much not make sure that those who have too little have enough. They want the market place to reward capitalists not reward those who produced the wealth for the capitalists.