Tuesday, December 9, 2014

WI government gets marching orders from ex-officio leaders

Wisconsin Governor, Legislature, State Supreme Court now on notice. One headline says it all.
WMC agenda includes right-to-work, tax breaks for the rich, unfettered frac sand mining
As I'd said on one major issue:
Like just about everything that happens in or near the state Capitol these days, right-to-work - - the legislation, the trial balloons, the need for coordination and timing and long-range planning, is calibrated for and ultimately by Walker - - and that goes double for this one because it's a top priority for the upper-tier corporate interests who've financed his rise.

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Anonymous said...

We are in for a stampede of bills and policies that enhance the bottom line for companies, corporations and businesses. Every Republican legislator now has insurmountable power to serve a special interest or a corporate or company CEO in exchange for campaign war chest dollars. Each will want to make the biggest political splash by imposing some form of legislation that in most years would be considered "off the wall." We are going to have to sit back and watch GOVERNMENT GONE WILD! Each Republican legislator is part of the "grand conservative experiment" and they want to be recognized as part of the experimental group not the control group. This will be a repeat but on an even larger scale of the process that is bankrupting Kansas. It is no longer about what is good for Wisconsin; rather it is about what is good for each legislator in term of feathering their political nest and climbing the political ladder at the behest of special interests.