Monday, December 8, 2014

WI DNR finds new reason to dismiss human-caused pollution

Bad enough that the agency aped the opposition to new clean air rules promoted by big Wisconsin corporations, and hasn't updated its main climate change page since June, 2012  - - but now look at today's excuse-by-denial - - one click off Ron Johnson's suns spots thesis - - sent by email disguised as the Clean Air Tip of The Week:

Clean Air Tip of the Week

For the week of December 7, 2014:
"Naturally-occurring events such as forest fires or wind storms can result in a violation of a National Ambient Air Quality Standard [exit DNR]. In these instances, emissions from human-caused sources such as cars, factories and power plants are not responsible for violation of the Air Quality Standard. The U.S. EPA allows states to request that the naturally-occurring event be designated as an "exceptional event." If EPA approves the state's request, all high pollutant values associated with the event can be flagged by DNR and are no longer considered a violation of the National Ambient Air Quality Standard because the event was beyond the control of an air quality program."  
The Clean Air Tip of the Week has been updated.  Log on to to view it.

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Anonymous said...

Has there ever been a regulatory agency such as the present DNR that will go the extra mile to not regulate anything. DNR has to now stand for..."DOES NOT REGULATE.". Walker could solve part of his budget problem by unfunding this agency. They don't do anything except act as a cheerleader for WMC.