Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Walker, Gary Andersen have commitment issues

Wisconsin leaders have Sarah Palin syndrome.

Scott Walker had been fundraising out-of-state while pursuing another job.

With even less commitment to Wisconsin, head UW-Madison football coach Gary Andersen is on his way out-of-state to another, probably better-paying job.

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Anonymous said...

Scott Walker fund raising out of state is old news. At this point I expect nothing more from him than to cover his own backside. I am sure he tells his friends and buds to do whatever they want to enhance their own lives regardless of what it might do to the general public. None of them care about anyone but themselves.

However, when it comes to coaching sports teams, I would like to know where the dedication is to the team you are coaching. I think the transfer could have waited a couple of months, couldn't it. You just don't walk out on your team like that if you are a dedicated coach. Are all the coaches in college football now just after the money and nothing else. If so, that is sad and shame on them. If your heart isn't in it to the end, then go into another profession.