Thursday, December 11, 2014

Walker compounds Menorah-Molotov-Mazel Tov FUBAR

Classic Walker. Evade and blame someone else - - this time a typist - - for what he says was only a "typo" in his now infamous confusion of the oft-used phrase "Mazel Tov" for the communistic or IED-related term "Molotov."

All of which landed him in the same media he hopes will take him seriously when he runs for President.

Not to mention The Daily News, in New York City, which led its account by calling Walker "simple-minded."

How about he blames himself for not noticing/grasping/caring about an insulting mistake, given that it's been reported that he carefully checked and edited news releases as part of his carefully-orchestrated campaigns.

Look at it this way: Suppose he'd signed a letter that was supposed to end "have a nice day" with "have a nice derringer."

Then called it a typo.


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Anonymous said...

Walker is like "W"Bush...........when reporters asked what mistakes he had made "W" GOT THAT SH#% EATEN GRIN ON HIS FACE and couldn't think of any. Walker has made no mistakes just ask him. If something didn't work or got screwed up it is always someone else's fault. Poor Tonette the blame she must have taken when he dropped out of school.