Friday, December 5, 2014

Talk of right-to-work exemption for union backing Walker

It was done for police and fire fighter unions in Act 10, so why not an exemption in the right-to-work law for another Walker favorite - - the Union of Operating Engineers whose members drive road-building rigs. And someday, perhaps into an open-pit iron mine in the Bad River watershed.

Pay to play?

There's been some talk, says this Sheboygan radio station:
[Senate Majority Leader Scott] Fitzgerald also mentioned the possibility of exempting certain trade unions, citing their importance in training workers.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says campaign contributions from unions have hampered lawmakers from passing right-to-work. 
One union that could be exempt is the Operating Engineers Local 139, whose members handle things like road-building. That group has given almost $58,000 to Walker's campaign since 2010. Business manager Terry McGowan told the Journal Sentinel he did not strike a deal with Fitzgerald -- and granting exemptions would be a "slippery slope that nobody wants to go down." McGowan said he still opposes any right-to-work law.
So - - use big government power to reward the sort of union workers whom Walker paraded on stage at his 2013 State of the State speech, but screw SEIU, for example, because those workers support Democrats.

As I said, this bill is all about politics, rewarding friends and punishing enemies.

It's divide-and-conquer 2.0. Nothing principled at all.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Oh there's a principle, all right. It was best summed up by Henry Hill in. "Goodfellas".


If we had an actual AG that cared about such things, these statements and Robbin' Vos's on the Bucks would open a bribery investigation. Ah, the good old days...

Jonathan Swift said...

Well said Jake.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker will not sign rtw legislation. His political career would be over by another recall election which would be supported this time by private and former public sector unions.

In addition, he will have gone back on his word. That kills any chance of a presidential bid.


Anonymous said...

ANON...12:26 This was scripted as soon as the election was over and actually planned way before the election. Walker will continue to say that it is not on his radar and not a priority. But he will sign the bill on a Friday afternoon because the Republican caucus gave it such strong support and it will give workers more freedom[to do what?]and it will move Wisconsin forward by companies lining up to come to Wisconsin because of RTW! Vos and Fitzgerald will, according to plan, bring more strongly conservative bills to his desk to enhance his credentials with the national Tea party. This act and these bills are carefully choreographed to make the ol "gov" look very presidential in the time leading up to the Republican nomination and convention. Walker and folks do nothing spontaneously....behind everything is a well crafted plan!They will do as they please because they have all the power and no one can stop them except John Doe and they've put him in the penalty box!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 1:18. I'm relaxed. As a public employee I no longer have a union to help you private guys organize anything including another Recall. That ship has sailed and Walker will sign. Don't get me wrong, I support unions and collective bargaining for everyone. Unfortunately only the special few will get to keep their unions. Even those unions will disappear once there are no other unions to support their right to exist. Divide and Conquer. Terry McGowan may have put himself out of job with his support of Walker. Good riddance to him.

Anonymous said...

"Business manager Terry McGowan told the Journal Sentinel he did not strike a deal with Fitzgerald -- and granting exemptions would be a "slippery slope that nobody wants to go down." McGowan said he still opposes any right-to-work law." I bet Walker twists this in his little mind to mean:" Terry McGowan doesn't support exempting any union from right to work."

Anonymous said...

Everything Scott Walker and the Republican legislature says and does is suspect.

With Scott Walker and team there's always an ulterior motive, and it's not one that has the best interests of the citizens of Wisconsin at heart.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker won't get away with selectively enforcing right to work - not if he's hoping to play on a national stage.

Mr. "Unintimidated" will have to be just that, and enforce any such legislation across the board. His challengers and the national press won't let him get away with anything less.