Thursday, December 4, 2014

'Shocked' officials learn streetcar might need fraction of normal roads' subsidies

The modest projected annual 'subsidy' to operate the proposed Milwaukee streetcar pales in comparison to the massive, never-unquestioned subsidies for alley, street, road and highway construction, maintenance, plowing, patching, patrolling, replacement and other services.

You never see this kind of a headline on a story about paying for roads:
City may have to to provide annual subsidies for streetcar
And all taxpayers statewide pay a share of these costs for roads, bridges and municipal transit lines they never use.

For example, I have never driven on Appleton's bus line, the Mineral Point bypass, the repaired Leo Frigo bridge into Green Bay, or a single road through Lincoln or Buffalo County.

Big deal. So what. We all live in and benefit from an up-to-date state transportation system..

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Joe R said...

Streetcars = socialism

Highways = 'Murrica