Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ex-GOP leaders in line for more union lobbying work

The ultra-conservative ex-State GOP Sen.Bob Welch has represented Wisconsin's powerful unionized operating engineers - - the road-builders' big rig operators - - who've supported Walker.

So has former defeated congressional candidate and ex-GOP Assembly speaker John Gard, another right-winger now riding the road-lobbying gravy train.

No wonder there has been talk among the unprincipled of an exemption inserted in Walker's right-to-work strategy just for that union, much as he exempted fire fighters and police officers from the penalties of Act 10.

I see a new Walker slogan emerging:

In an era of low expectations, have friends in high places.


Dan said...

The union affected by Act 10 need to sue so the law affects all unions. This the obvious flaw in the law, it is unconstitutional for some to be excluded.

Anonymous said...

They are so drunk with power they are willing to do anything, even if it is illegal and totally unfair simply because they can and it will reward a supporter.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Dan- It certainly would seem to be unconstitutional in the private sector to not have it be universal. This is different than Act 10 because the state (and municipalities that get money from the state) are the ones negotiating.

This is not the case for right-to-work for less, as it's setting up work laws between employer and employee for all of Wisconsin. It would have to be all or nothing, and I don't think the WisGOPs can find enough Rudy Randas out there to make up a decision that could create such an exception.