Saturday, November 8, 2014

WI DNR wants your input on federally-supported programs

Take the agency up on its offer:  
We need your feedback!
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources would like your ideas about the conservation and management of Wisconsin’s fish and wildlife resources now and into the future.
We are currently updating two important conservation plans – the Wildlife Action Planand the Fish, Wildlife, and Habitat Management Plan. Updates will act as a blueprint as the department continues to manage and protect fish and wildlife resources over the next ten years.
These plans must be completed in order to receive important federal funds that directly support healthy, sustainable fish and wildlife populations and their habitats, and provide outdoor recreation opportunities in the state.
But, we need your help! Please take this 5-10 minute survey - it will be open for participation until midnight on Friday, Nov. 14th. Please note that your privacy is important to us and your individual responses will remain strictly confidential.

To take the survey, follow the link above or copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser:

For more information, visit and search keyword “wap10year.”


nonquixote said...

Suggestion for the final DNR survey comment:

Secretary Stepp's leadership in failing to regulate CAFO's, her partisan willingness to sell out our natural heritage and in failing to show any concern about WI's proud history of conservation is an insult to every citizen of the state and she should immediately resign her position and refuse any more state compensation for the joke of a leader she is.

Betsey said...

Thank you, NQ, you saved me from having to write something similar. However, I will enjoy writing my own comment--there is an overabundance of material.