Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Walker's Fifty Shades of Green

One of the many stories more or less lost in the avalanche of John Doe-related reporting about the secret, right-wing fundraising by and for Scott Walker in 2012 was about a $1 million check routed into Wisconsin for Walker by the controversial Wall Street money manager Steven A. Cohen.

I turned it into an item, here, because it showed how far up the political food chain Walker had ascended from his early days of homemade ham sandwiches and car-pools in his Saturn from Wauwatosa to his Assembly back bench in the State Capitol.

I was reminded of that change again today when I read that Walker-seven-figure-donor Cohen was the sole, successful bidder for a sculpture that sold last week at auction by Sotheby's for $101 million.

If people are indeed defined by the company they keep, Team Walker pulled off something of a hidden identity miracle, since it seems there are many Wisconsin voters who believe Walker is some sort of regular fella.

Just so you don't forget it, you might want to bookmark this link about the origins of the John Doe investigations.

Follow the millions and millions of dollars in big checks - - $5,000...$25,000...$250,0000...$700,000 (from the Walker-serving, insider firm GTac mining)...$1 million from Cohen...solicited and delivered into Walker's recall campaign - - and also in huge fees to Walker advisers - - to get just a partial picture of how much money was involved, and from whom.

And how deeply embedded is Walker in the one-percenters' world, and how indebted he is to its royalty.


Anonymous said...

Really stupid article. for every big donor to Scott there were ten to Burke and she is multimillionaire. This silly debate about donors and the koch brothers went nowhere, so keep it up it give me a chickle.

Anonymous said...

Great point James. Walker spent a good part of the last four years galavanting around the country and planting his lips on the rears on rich republican donors. He is a kept man and a koch whore.