Monday, November 10, 2014

Nice to know we've been Glenn Grothman playthings

You can begin the Glenn Grothman Self-Destruction Countdown Clock now, as Wisconsin's leading political buffoon is off to the DC big leagues where his Bachmann 2.0 riffing will quickly go stale.

But as he's his way out of town to join other low-information Tea Party legislators in the city right-wingers say they hate until a big title and salary and goody-bag of perks become irresistible you might want to remember his parting line of contempt:

"I wish I was still here," he told his colleagues at a meeting Thursday. "You're going to have more fun this session than the last 75 sessions combined."
So we're Grothmann toys. We'll see who gets the last laugh 
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lufthase said...

Grothman is a clown, so I shouldn't be surprised or let him get to me… but, "FUN"?! Really?

Even if we had 132 Russ Feingolds in the legislature and Governor Tammy Baldwin, I wouldn't want them calling the business of governing "fun."

Whatever positions a legislator takes, they're dealing with folks' healthcare, right to vote, access to a good education, ability to find decent work and be treated fairly, safe drinking water, whether towns can afford to keep the roads plowed, etc. This is deadly serious stuff with long-term implications, and it should be approached with sincerity, diligence, and benevolent intentions.

If any part of the legislative process is going to be called "fun," it should be working with opposing sides to find common ground and compromise, or getting the public's input on issues. Sadly, none of that's going to be happening anytime soon.

One party imposing its will is what the GOP considers "fun." Again, shouldn't be surprised, but it still hurts to hear it out loud.

Boxer said...

By "fun" he means the state GOP shoves everything down the throats of Wisconsinites who care. . . just because they can. He is exacting payback for being turned upside down in a trash can every week in high school.