Monday, November 10, 2014

Chuck Todd: never put 'Walker' and 'pledge' in same thought

[Updated] A few weeks ago after the first Wisconsin gubernatorial debate, I wrote this short posting on presidential wannabe Scott Walker's weaseling away from his so-called pledge to serve a full second term:
Yes, he said his "plan" was to serve a second term - - but a "plan" is not a commitment. A pledge. A promise - - as if that means much coming from him - - because as we all know, despite good intentions, plans change.
You planned to finish college - - but like Walker, you drop out. You plan to go back and finish. But like Walker, you don't.
I didn't see him raise his right hand and swear. I heard nothing emphatic or sincere or convincing. Instead I heard another reference to what he'd told Tonette.
I heard wiggle room.
Flash forward to this morning: NBC's Chuck Todd discovers what we in Wisconsin have known for years - - through Scott Walker's promises, for example, about negotiating with unions to governmental ethics or job creation:

His word means nothing.

Todd wondered how Walker's 'pledge' to serve another year term squared up the hinting Walker was making on "Meet the Press" and elsewhere hinting - - let the games begin! - - about a Presidential run in 2016

To which Walker added, when challenged:  

Walker also said then that [to the Journal Sentinel editorial board] he intended to serve out his four-year term if he were to win re-election as governor.
On Sunday, when "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd brought up that pledge, Walker cast it differently. 
"I said my plan was for four years … but certainly I care deeply about my state and county," he said  
As I said, "a "plan" is not a commitment. A pledge. A promise... 


Walker tossed out during the same interview a talking point about Governors making better Presidents. Despite this self-promotional Reaganesque hint, I'm assuming the recent ethical, policy or legacy troubles that have caught up GOP Governors McDonnell (VA), Perry, (TX), Scott, (FL), Brownback, (KS), Palin, (AK), Christie, (NJ) and Walker himself give the lie to his argument.


Anonymous said...

He also dodge the question (2x)when asked if he approved of a pension for state workers.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was 3x and he claimed because his reforms we have fully funded pension

Now, you made your name having to do with the collective bargaining issue in Wisconsin. There has been sort of an agreement I guess over the years, that if you come into the public sector, teacher, firefighter, police officer, that in exchange for not getting a private-sector-like salary opportunity, that you will get a pension, you will have protected retirement in the form of a pension, which of course, many in the private sector don't get. Do you believe still in that basic agreement?

Well, in the end, I think providing for good, decent, hardworking public servants is a good thing. And we still do. When I did all this, my brother David's a banquet manager, his wife sells appliances at Sears. They are classic, American working family. He said, "I'd love to have the deal you're offering public employees."

We match their pension requirement, we asked them to pay just over 12% for their health insurance. The average family in our state's paying 20% to 25%. So we still provide a pretty good deal. And the benefit is, they don't have to pay union dues anymore--


So you still believe in pension?




You still believe in the pension for government workers?


We have the only fully-funded pension system in the country because of our reforms and because of the reforms that were put in even before I took office.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes a single word that comes out of Walker's mouth is a fool. I watched all of it and as usual he spouted nothing but lies. No, the country does not want the so-called reforms he has put in place. Just ask them.

Anonymous said...

The only pledge Walker has taken is a pledge of allegiance to ALEC, the Kochs and Grover Norquist (2007 on the shores of Lake Michigan). Who gets the signing pen this time when Walker enacts ACT 10+ on the remaining public workers (firefighters, police, etc.), and whatever legislation will pave the way for private unions the "right to work" (for less)?

morninmist said...

My ears shot up with his waffling on the pension questions also. I really am scared that a bomb with fall that that also!

Anonymous said...

Walker is a serial liar. The media (national and local) is so shallow and lazy (on to the next sound bite!) It wouldn't take too much digging on their part to expose Walker's legacy of lies, incompetence and crimes - the blogging community has already done much of the work for them!