Friday, November 7, 2014

After WI election, touchy things quickly out of limbo

*  Surprise, surprise:

*  Another resignation among top executives at Walker's failed jobs agency, WEDC. Details and context, here.

*  The beginning of utility-rate-and-customer cost increases rolled out by Walker's ALEC-friendly Public Service Commission majority.

So what else is coming?

*  More asset sales through insider 'bidding'?

*  Waukesha's long-stalled Great Lakes water diversion application?

And we're not even talking about the next budget, filled with Walker/Fitzgerald/Vos partisan plums and punishments.

Still available for ideologically-driven fast-tracking:

*  Plans to double-deck I-94 at Story Hill and over three cemeteries.

*  Reducing transit service and funding from trivial to minute.

*  Turning over more wolf killing management to the DNR's hunter/trapper dominated Wolf Advisory Committee, thus speeding the creation of elk hunting business to the bear killing outfitters.

You items? Send in a comment.


Anonymous said...

It will be very interesting to see how they spin the deficit they have been denying throughout this campaign.

BigWheel said...

Vos: Transit, State Patrol out of transportation fund, stop paving highway shoulders

Anonymous said...

Using GAAP as a reason to "balance the budget" via major across the board cuts.

Anonymous said...

There will be legislation to change the recent decision on high capacity well permits. Cumulative effects on groundwater will not be part of the new process. Also, they will make sure that groundwater monitoring at land application sites and CAFO production sites is limited to areas "scientifically proven to be vulnerable to groundwater contamination" to mirror language in the siting law. And what does "scientifically proven mean?" It means DNR and DATCP will not allow groundwater monitoring. Drink up Wood and Kewaunee County! You voted for this.