Sunday, November 2, 2014

A word about WI voter motivation, Bucky

We keep being told that Democrats in Wisconsin are less likely to vote than Republicans this off-year election next Tuesday, but could Democrats be anything less than 100% motivated to finally turn Walker out after last week's dirty tricks - - on top of four years of his contemptuous extremism?

Walker certainly knows that.

Fall color season is over. He's not schlepping around Northern Wisconsin in that bus looking at the scenery.

And he also knows that he won't be riding a bus around Iowa and New Hampshire if this ride ends Tuesday in Wisconsin.

So, again, I ask: how much more motivation do Democrats need?

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Anonymous said...

I agree ....the admitted smear by Chris Lato that they, including Walker planned the OCTOBER SURPRISE to be a bombshell
to rattle voters is the worst kind of dirty campaigning. In that Walker knew about this blatant lie months ago and purposely allowed it to go forward by doing nothing to stop it shows what a slime bag he is and he should not be elected to lead anything. He does not view the governorship as an opportunity to serve the people of Wisconsin. He only sees it as a stepping stone to higher political ambition.