Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WMC lobbyist shocked at women ingrates

The Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce's Scott Manley has had his feelings hurt by women who are not appropriately appreciative of WMC support for existing law that bars pay equity discrimination.

The GOP Legislature and Walker did repeal - - with the WMC's backing - - a companion law that had allowed plaintiffs to seek punitive damages and create deterrence through lawsuits over pay equity discrimination.

The companion law could have led to frivolous lawsuits just like all the other punitive damage frivolous  pay equity lawsuits that were never filed.

The WMC is right: just because women make 75 cents for every dollar a male co-worker earns for similar work in a low-wage state like Wisconsin doesn't mean women should be allowed to turn around discriminate against employers with one-sided legal tools to fight pay discrimination.

Employers already are forced to operate under profit-constraining Big Government edicts like outlawed child labor and a mandated $7.25/hourly wage, among other nanny state wimp-outs.

I can see why the relatively powerless WMC would feel like the victim here, and good on the organization and Manley for standing up against the bullying.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Yes, why should laws have punishments for breaking them? We know that businesses will naturally do the right thing on their own, Riiight?

WMC's corporate, old-boy (and it's almost all "boys") mentality goes a long way toward explaining why this state is bottom 5 for entrepreneurship. And why it's last in the Midwest for job growth under WMC errand boy Scott Walker

Betsey said...

First at-bat in Oct '14 and you hit a home run. Keep swinging!