Friday, October 10, 2014

Wall Streeter Jon Stewart parodied also a big Walker backer

Here's last night's Daily Show send-up of one Hank Greenberg, an ingrate financier who claims in court papers that the government owns him more billions of public dollars despite having benefited from a $184 billion over-priced taxpayer bailout.

Greenberg is also a major Scott Walker backer, having hosted for Walker a big-dollar New York City fund-raiser and who gave the Walker recall campaign $2,500, records show.

Don't confuse him with the original, historic Hank Greenberg, by the way. He had a better, Hall of Fame batting average and list of significant social accomplishments. Regrettable that the Wall Streeter gets to appropriate the nickname.

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Palmer said...

I have no sympathy for Greenberg, but the trial appears to be highlighting law breaking on the part of the Federal Reserve.

See here: