Friday, October 10, 2014

Robin Vos, on fire

In the wake of GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos' public pledge to fire Governmental Accountability Board Executive Director and civil servant Kevin Kennedy - - and on the heels of the US Supreme Court's blockade of the state voter ID law for which Vos had worked hard on Wrong-Way Walker's behalf - - I can imagine something fictional like this unfolding Friday morning in the Speaker's office suite:

Vos: (From behind his closed door) Where are my "Apprentice" show tapes?

(Intern #1) We're having them converted to DVD's, remember?

Vos:  I need them now. You're fired. Did Trump get my message?

(Intern #2): They think it's a prank call.

Vos:  You're fired! And who's working on firing those Supreme Court justices?

Intern #3" Grothman's on it. He says a Vos can toss bill is a done deal when he goes to DC. We sent over Fitzgerald's guy to help - - the one who pitched those arrest warrants for the Democrat Senators who skipped to Illinois during Act 10.

Vos: Oh, so Grothman is still around? Great. That's what I'm talking about. Finally, someone around here gets it.

Intern #3: Sir, did you read that the Seventh Circuit of Appeals is going to let the Indians hunt deer at night up north? How do we spin that in our favor before the election?

Vos: Well, tell Stepp and the DNR to let everyone hunt deer at night.

Intern #3: Don't fire me for saying it, Mr. Speaker, but the Seventh Circuit isn't going to allow that. Something about treaties.

Vos: Treaties, shmeeties. Tell Grothman to put Appeals Court judges in the Vos can toss bill, too. They have to know who they're dealing with. This is Fitzwalkerstan, not Minnesota.

Intern #3: But you know that's the same Appeals Court that approved your voter ID law, right?

Vos: (Long pause): You're fired.


Anonymous said...

It should be a priority of the Democratic Party to get rid of this corrupt and mean-spirited legislator. He is sarcastic and rude to constituents and only represents his own interests.

Anonymous said...

Yup I bet that's exactly how it sounded. Vos is the perfect case of the nerd who has been bullied and now that he got a pinch of power he's gonna kick butt and take names. No more pouring beer over this guys head cause he's got ALEC covering his back!

MadCityVoter said...

And -- let me guess -- no opponent(s) this election cycle? Which really burns me up. How can we call it "democracy" when the voters don't have a choice? At least make it a race between "yes" and "no."

Anonymous said...

There is a democratic candidate challenging Vos. His name is Andy Mitchell.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

That's exactly who Vos acts like. The guy who had his head flushed in the toilet throughout HS for being an obnoxious twit, basically being Alex P. Keaton without the brains or charm. And now he's spending his whole adult life getting even.

MadCityVoter said...

Thanks Anonymous! And my apologies to Mr. Mitchell -- I shouldn't have assumed that Speaker Vos was acting like a jerk for any reason other than that he is a jerk. Thank you for doing your part to remove this embarrassment of a political leader from the public stage.

Anonymous said...

That's how Vos rolls.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Saw that Robbin' was whining on Twitter that the moderators at last night's debate were being mean to his buddy Scott Walker. How DARE they make Scotty answer the questions they asked!!

What a sniveling weasel. He needs a few more swirlies.

Anonymous said...

Swirlie! Swirlie! Swirlie!!!!!