Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Walker is an extremist

[Updated from 5:17 p.m. Tuesday] Wrong-Way Walker is an extremist, a reality made more likely to continue because major statewide media are avoiding fleshing out how and why Walker was chosen in 2007 at a Wisconsin meeting to win and wield political power on behalf of ideological interests.

*  No, MSNBC, Scott Walker is not a moderate on abortion. He wants women who have been raped - - even by relatives - - to bear a child conceived in assault, and he has closed Planned Parenthood clinics to low-income women - - even to rape victims - - who can no longer get vital basic women's and family health services.

That's extremist behavior.

*  He pushed and signed one of the most suppressive voter ID laws in the country to make it harder for minorities, low-income residents and students to exercise their right to vote.

And will not support a public education campaign about how to get the necessary ID's at state DMV offices often closed three days a week. Or add hours to those offices' pre-election schedule.

Only an incurably partisan extremist would intentionally suppress access to the ballot box in a democracy.

*  He refused federal funding, a punitive move on his part that cost 38,000 low-income state residents their health insurance coverage.

*  He refused to accept increased food stamp assistance for low-income Wisconsinites - - typically a female head-of-household, with children - - and says he wants public assistance recipients to undergo the additional degradation of a urine test.

*  He opposes any increase in the poverty-enforcing $7.25/hr. minimum wage.

Only an extremist would deliberately use law and state power for his own advancement to keep needy people under such stress - - and then make it harder for them to vote that mentality off their backs and out of office

Many more examples of Walker's Disrespect and Manipulation Campaign, 2014-'16, here.

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Anonymous said...

How dare you call out MSNBC and give walker's biggest in-state booster, milwaukee journal sentinel, a free pass.

mjs does not dominate their markets the way the am propaganda machine wtmj, but mjs reaches entirely across the state and, unlike the right-wing squawk & racist hate on the airwaves -- the printed lies get picked up by every other media organization.

Wisconsin is blanketed in right-wing lies, and you, james, regularly prop the media shills up.