Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Milwaukee sponsoring voting assistance countering Walker/GOP suppression

My long-time activist friend Bill Kaplan has posted very important materials about voter ID, including innovative actions taken by the City of Milwaukee in response to the GOP's efforts to obstruct voting and minimize .

So a shout out to Kapaln, and more props to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett for confronting Walker's tampering with voting rights and Republican unwillingness to publicize crucial information about obtaining ID's that meet the new law's mandates.

Among the Milwaukee initiatives Kapkan notes:
…An extraordinary web site for all citizens, "WI Voter ID Law, Free ID Card and Voter Registration", at election. 
Additionally, Kaplan notes that Milwaukee is:
* Working with community groups, students, elderly, churches and other religious institutions to explain the new voting requirements;  
* Placing educational ads on bus shelters;  
* Appearing on radio stations aimed at African-Americans;  
* Reaching out to the Milwaukee Courier with a link to the Milwaukee Election Commission web site. 
Imagine if every municipality in the state similarly took Walker's stick in the voter's eye as motivation to boost turnout, and if other activists worked as hard as Kaplan to outsmart Walker and his neo-Jim Crow suppressionist legislative allies.

We could send them all packing. 

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