Monday, November 3, 2014

Facts - - a frequent Walker enemy - - disprove his cleaning the environment claim

[Updated, 11/3] Even for Wrong-Way, Pants-on-Fire, Science-Denying Scott Walker, this was a jaw-dropping-fact-checking category-busting new low - - 
Walker Contends He's Left Wisconsin's Environment Cleaner Than When He Found It
- - because it is:

* Refuted by data showing manure spills in 2013 were at a seven-year high.

* Refuted by a "catastrophic" gasoline pipeline break in a Jackson, WI marsh and farm community.

* Refuted by facts, such as multiple frac sand contamination events, including two in the St. Croix River.

* Refuted by a federal list of 75 deficiencies in water pollution plans and policies.

* Refuted by increased airborne manure spreading on farm fields supplied by ever-larger dairies. 

* Refuted by human fecal waste spreading that was illegal, but didn't even merit drinking water inspections by the same Walker DNR which has cut back pollution inspections and enforcement - - and only slapped the fecal spreader polluter's wrist.

* Refuted by a 50,000 gallon Enbridge oil pipeline spill.

* Refuted by the DNR's levying a mere $464 fine against a one-million gallon manure spill polluter.

* Refuted by a known dairy farm's pollution being no barrier to a pitch for bigger permits.

* Refuted by the DNR's environmental award to a known polluter.

* Refuted by delaying phosphorous pollution in state waterways for another 25 years.

Even for Walker, that was a whopper.

Like Rush Limbaugh claiming the airwaves are a more civil format now than before he sat in front of a microphone.

Do you think Walker's now so over-confident he can start just messing with us?


Anonymous said...

I don't think we can trust anything that comes out of Scott Walker's mouth.

Scott Walker's latest lies are no doubt an attempt to tamp down the growing backlash from residents throughout the state whose drinking water and lakes have been poisoned, wells and lakes have gone dry, air quality has been impacted and property values have plummeted as a result of high volume manure spreading and spills from Concentrated Agricultural Feed Operations (CAFOs) and frac sand mining operations. And don't forget the Enbridge tar sands pipeline (Plan B for the Keystone XL pipeline) that is being green-lighted through the center of our state. (Yes that Enbridge - the one will a track record of oil spills). Or the planned massive open pit mine in northern Wisconsin at the headwaters of the Bad River (the mine made possible through the pay to play activities of Scott Walker, Wisconsin Club for Growth, the Gogebic mining company and Republicans in the Wisconsin state legislature).

Anonymous said...

Walker cares about one thing and one thing only......HIMSELF! He will not hesitate to leave Wisconsin an economic and environmental mess if it will advance his political career. His supporters are blind to his ego maniacal ways and Wisconsin and all of its citizens will pay a high price if he is allowed to spend 4 more years ruling over this state!

CJ said...

Don't forget about the gas pipeline spill that contaminated water in Jackson/West Bend area.

Anonymous said...

Many benefits are given to dairy farms to make them more efficient but the price of dairy products are rising more than anything else in the grocery store.

James Rowen said...

Updated and expanded.