Friday, September 5, 2014

Walker's Divide-And-Conquer Strategy Includes School Kids

Talk about playing people - - students, teachers - - plus cities, regions and races off each other for personal and partisan gain. I guess he's found his new Twitter foils - - 16-17-18-year-old minority youth.
Voters may be shocked to learn that the African-American graduation rate in Madison (where Mary Burke is on the board) is worse than in MKE.

As Governor of the entire state,  the data speak volumes about his leadership.

And he addresses his fake concern to "voters," not parents or educators - - because its only an insubstantial two dozen or so words sniped at his opponent and snickered to his supporters rather than anything approaching a genuine concern.

The only thing we are not "shocked to learn" is the depth of Walker's reptilian style of governing (hat tip, John Gurda) and disrespecting relationship to those he's governing using to govern.

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Anonymous said...

This man is absolutely classless and there in no level of lowness to which he will not stoop to achieve his goal. The outrage that he expressed about Debbie Wasserman's comments is misplaced as he has described public employees both verbally and in his book in more insulting terms!