Monday, September 8, 2014

Walker's Big Budget Deficit: How Soon Doyle's Fault?

All those tax cuts and a failed jobs' plan have red ink staining Walker, GOP legislators' handiwork.


Sue said...

I'm more concerned about it being tossed in Mary Burke's lap should she be elected. There won't be real pain or acknowledgement of the effects of this until next year.
There needs to be good messaging - now - about who's responsible because the people responsible for this will be throwing anything they can get to stick at Mary Burke if given the opportunity.

Gareth said...

This budget deficit is a feature, not a bug, in the Walker program. The irresponsible tax cuts were intended to create another fiscal crisis, so as to provide a plausible excuse for dropping a second austerity-bomb on the citizens of Wisconsin. We can expect more cuts in basic services, especially public education and shared revenue to local governments.

Rural Wisconsin will be especially hard hit with closed schools, gravel roads and more air and water pollution. It's obviously time for regime change in November.