Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Scott Walker's Gift To Mary Burke

[Updated, 7:01 p.m.] Scott Walker's refusal to commit to serving out another four-year term promises to be a gift to opponent Mary Burke.

*  It's dismissive of the importance of the job to which he claims to want re-election.

*  It's dismissive of the voters and the residents of the state, too. Would you go to the prom if your date wouldn't promise to leave the dance with you?

*  It reveals Walker's outlandish, outsized and out-of-control personal ambition - - his distorted belief he credibly could run for President, let alone serve! - - as his over-arching goal.

Milwaukee County voters heard him say the same thing when he was running for re-election as County Executive in both 2006 and 2010, but gubernatorial opportunities were there to grasp after.

He used the County Executive position for years as a launching pad to higher office rather than as a workshop for policy innovation or honest governance, so the voters' interests took a back seat.

Why should voters put up with more Walker self-promotion when he has a track record of commitment and service abandonment?

Mary Burke can use Walker's own words to highlight his disrespect for the office he already holds - - but has signaled there's yet another he'd rather occupy.

Walker's repetitive insincerity and opportunism would be treated as absurdities outside of politics.

What group of shareholders or stakeholders would recruit and promote him if he kept making clear he'd rather head for greener pastures?

Burke and her supporters can ask Walker and his supporters if they would buy a house from a contractor who wouldn't promise to finish the project. 'Three walls, maybe? Four: Can't promise it.'

Who among the Walkerites would agree to buy an advertised set of tires from a vendor who would only promise installing two or three?

What customer would pay in advance for a wedding cake from a baker who might not deliver all the layers? But offered you something of a fall-back, second-rate substitute, like a frozen store-bought dessert or box of leftovers?

Which is what Walker has in mind should he drop everything and everyone but himself to run for President - - and hand you and me Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and her husband, Rib-Eye.


Anonymous said...

I'm weighing my options, John Lehmann or Rebecca Kleefisch.


Anonymous said...

Further evidence of his speaking out of all sides of his mouth. Yesterday he was ringing the school bell in front of a Milwaukee public school and today he lifting the cap on voucher schools so as to further cut funding to public schools, Last week he announced public schools were now succeeding when until then he had declared public schools as failures and poor teachers were the cause. Now he's selling us that his cuts to teacher's pay made teachers teach better and starving schools with his funding cuts made them now successful. This guy will try and sell crap in a brown paper bag to anybody.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Maybe Walker knows he can't commit because he is expecting to be indicted soon.

Anonymous said...

dropped out of Marquette;
dropped out of WI Legislature;
dropped out of Milwaukee County government;
Now he want to drop out of the governorship too? To the best of my recollection, Scotty seems to have a lot of trouble staying on task.

Sue said...

Not a reasonable comparison as M.B. is not likely to pull a Sarah Palin. Mary Burke actually wants the job, it's not a stepping stone to something else.
Walker should be asked if he is preparing Rebecca to step in should he decide to run for Prez. It's a respectful question and should be answered.
The only things I know about Rebecca's term as lieutenant governor are that she sexualized an economic development meeting, and did a 'cold call' publicity stunt. Other things I know about her are that she equates gays with furniture and drives a minivan, a restrictive form of transportation if she intends to follow in Walker's footsteps begging money all over the country. Also, it comes to mind that Governor Rebecca has a spouse who likes to release weaponry around schools. So, not a totality of encouraging information.
Don't you think, if Scott Walker won't inform the electorate that he absolutely will stick out his next term should he be elected, he should maybe talk up his replacement a little? We need to know what we're getting.

Betsey said...

Unfortunately, Sue, we DO have an idea of what we might be getting . . . and it scares the living crap out of the sane.