Saturday, September 6, 2014

Randa Overreach Brings Walker True Transparency

Though righty talk radio loved it at the time - - 'we win, we win!!' - - and Wrong-Way Walker touted it for weeks - - "case over"' - - [Sic] - - it's clear by now that US District Court Judge Rudolph Randa's order to shut down John Doe II and destroy its documents is coming back to bite Walker, and Randa, too.

For one thing, Randa's order was stayed in what might be record time by the US Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago.

In other words, hold up on that paper-shredding, champagne-cork popping party.

Then the Appeals Court released some of Doe II records showing jaw-dropping amounts of secret funding having been directed by Walker and others to assist his 2012 recall campaign and allied GOP State Senate recall races through what were supposed to be independent third parties, as the Journal Sentinel notes in an editorial posted last night
There is no doubt that the campaign coordinated with the club. Operative R.J. Johnson worked for both. Walker himself urged donors to channel money to the group "to ensure correct messaging."
Now with Walker's 2014 campaign in its closing weeks, and his poll numbers stalled in the incumbents' danger zone - - less than 50% - - the Journal Sentinel strongly urged the Appeals Court to keep the Doe probe alive just as the Court it's set to hold another hearing Tuesday.

For good measure, the paper also slapped Randa and his ruling as "overzealous," "misguided" and "too severe."

Which you could also say about Walker, his team, and their playbook.

Basically, no one is going to win an argument with a newspaper over whether it's a good idea to destroy records in the possession of public officials. Probably not a winning argument with federal judges, either - - the overzealous, excepted.

So Walker can thank The Randa Overreach - - the paper says "error" - -  for helping keep alive a major story undermining Walker's reputation just as the gubernatorial campaign winds down.

As writer and pundit Dom Noth predicted.

Not the way you'd woo the small number of independent, undecided or last minute voters who hold the keys to the election.

The Karmic irony is that Walker has lost control of his campaign's narrative and coverage at this pivotal moment because he has been exposed trying to secretly coordinate the narrative and coverage in his previous campaign.

Walker is the one who claimed he'd "lived" transparency.

Truthfully, not until now.


Anonymous said...

The arrogance of perceived untouchable power.

Push the envelope…. push the envelope…. push the envelope. Eventually it will rupture.

Let's hope that Walker ends up with the Bob McDonnell attutude adjustment.

Maybe they will be cellmates someday.

Anonymous said...

The Karmic irony is that the recall may yet take Walker down, just a couple years later.

Anonymous said...

>>The Karmic irony is that the recall may yet take Walker down, just a couple years later.<<

Real karmic irony would see Walker lose his reelection campaign due in part to the local media exposure of his recall crimes. The karmic payback would continue with Walker and some of his slushfunders and fellow travelers being indicted and convicted for their acts.

Gareth said...

Given the revelations of what appears to be pay-to-play schemes involving the Walker administration and out-of-state donors such as Chris Cline, I have to wonder how close we are to a Federal investigation like the one that took down former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

Does Eric Holder have the brass to go for it? I have to ask that question because there are so many unprosecuted investment bankers walking around without a care in the world. But Walker isn't an investment banker, so maybe his time is running short.

Anonymous said...

"I have to wonder how close we are to a Federal investigation"

The FBI were doing at least some of the searches in 2011.

Betsey said...

"Walker is the one who claimed he'd 'lived' transparency.

Truthfully, not until now."

Elegantly stated, James.

James Rowen said...

Thank you.