Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Four Doe Posts Following Appeals Court Hearing

I put these up via phone after the Appellate Court hearing ended this afternoon in Chicago. Latest to earliest, for your files:


One More Doe Thought Today...

If 7th Circuit were to toss Randa shutdown ruling, then we're back to State Judge Peterson shutdown ruling and appeals to Walker - friendly State Supreme Court ruling, no? 

But WI Club for Growth could appeal to US Supreme Court to get coordinated campaign financing OK'ed, as is assumed?

About Doe Documents Still Sealed...

And sought by media,  panel did not appear swayed by argument that federal disclosure standard applied because Judge Randa took the case.

Again, the panel seemed to think this is a matter for the WI courts to resolve. Both Easterbrook and Wood seemed uncomfortable with being asked to "override" WI law.

From Doe Hearing Also

Chief Judge Wood troubled by filings by "unnamed" litigants.

First Doe Courtroom Impression

These are state issues, not federal matters.

WI Doe process called "very strange" by Judge Easterbrook.

Called "rather unusual" by Chief Judge Wood and she wonders if Appeals Court should "butt" in.
Judge Bauer on the disclosure that any WI citizen can request a Doe: "Doesn't it get crowded in there?"

Judges try to understand differences between a WI Doe and routine Grand Jury procedures, and whether Doe process is investigatory or prosecutorial, as that determines if prosecutors have immunity from damages sought by subjects of probe.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound too promising!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

For who? It's pretty obvious that the Koch boys don't have much of a case, and that the fed judges aren't sure this is their case to decide.

From everything I read today, it's a matter of time before they rule Randa overstepped his bounds , and we're back to the regular courts, with the "bomb" of indictments to follow.