Monday, September 8, 2014

More WEDC Chaos Under Walker's 'Leadership'

WEDC has been failing, like Wrong-Way Walker's jobs promise, for nearly four years, and now the insiders are spilling beans.

The mess has been there for a long time and Board Chairman Walker can't or won't fix it.


Anonymous said...

How on earth can this agency continue to exist? They've thrown away close to $1 billion dollars and perhaps this resulted in 5,000 jobs. They can't even create harmony within their own office how can they create jobs!

Anonymous said...

This is all on Walker. He wiped out the Commerce Dept. and replaced it with this pig. He made himself chair and appointed all the leaders. He also did this with state agencies by making their leaders Governor's appointments rather than civil service positions as they previously had been. This is the kind of government you get when donor dollars determine both personnel and policy.