Friday, September 12, 2014

Just another Friday in FitzWalkerstan

Another typical Wisconsin week is wrapping up.

* The state's lawyers are spending more of your money in Federal Appeals Court in Chicago today, this time arguing it's legal to disenfranchise 300,000 Wisconsin voters by making them secure and present unneeded photo ID in order to vote, as is their birthright, in elections.

The same court is still deciding whether to uphold a lower court that suspended a probe into whether Gov. Scott Walker and others may have broken state law prohibiting secret election fundraising and message coordinating activities.

* Media are also busy today sorting through yet another John Doe document dump.  From a probe that began prior to the one which a judge shut down that had its Appeals Court hearing Tuesday. I know it's confusing, but that's the state we live in these days.

Another recent ruling by the same appeals court overturning Wisconsin's ban on same-sex marriage is being appealed to the US Supreme Court with your money by Walker and Attorney General Van Hollen.

Maybe the Appeals Court should have a special Wisconsin FitzWalkerstan wing.

*In other news, Wisconsin is facing a projected $1.8 billion-dollar budget shortfall, because Walker - - after excoriating former Gov. Doyle for presiding over a deficit (caused by a huge national recession) - - produced a structurally-phony budget which a) underestimated incoming revenues,  b) cut taxes and c) turned away hundreds of millions of dollars in guaranteed federal Medicaid money.

*  This Walker-created deficit is further proof that Wisconsin is missing much of the modest, post-recession economic recovery the rest of the country is seeing - - a situation highlighted and relate to the failure of Walker to have created on his watch only 40% of the 250,000 jobs he said would appear in Wisconsin a term in office that ends in four months.

So - - here we are - - with fewer jobs, a fresh deficit, thousands of low-income Wisconsinites without health insurance other than taxpayer-paid emergency room visits, and more litigation to address the the multi-layered dysfunction Walker has brought to the state while he's off somewhere raising money for an even more dysfunctional diversion - - a presidential run.  TGIF
CAPTION CONTEST: All right gang, have at it. And keep it clean.

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