Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hubris Alert: Walker Pretends To Be NFL Hero

Not content with fantasizing Presidentially, Wrong-Way Walker now imagines himself an heroic NFL turn-around coach:
"We took an 0-16 team and turned it into a winning team. And we want four more years to get it to a Super Bowl team."
Well, good on you, Governor. We've been calling you Wrong-Way Walker in the spirit of former Minnesota Vikings lineman Jim Marshall's wrong-way touchdown run and we appreciate being able to extend these NFL comparisons.

Hat tip, AS.


Anonymous said...

His messaging is getting more bungled as his poll numbers plunge. Maybe his tried and true "divide and conquer" strategy isn't working anymore. Also, Keith Gilkes is running fake hippie Republican Stewart Mills' campaign. Who is running the Walker Campaign? Is it Jonathan Wetzel who bungled Tommy Thompson's campaign? It looks to me like Walker is no longer a priority for the RNC so is getting "second string" staff to run his campaign.

mikeutzinger said...

James thanks for keeping all of Walker's mis-steps and lack of transparency front and center. For those wishing to understand everything obscene behind the 501c4 corporations like Club for Growth, check out some excellent bits from Stephen Colbert as Trevor Potter helps Stephen set up his 501c4 in 2011:

Stephen did the country a service pulling back the curtain and revealing the sordid underbelly of US politics permitted by 501c4 corporations. Stephens creation of his own 501c4 is probably the reason the IRS started looking into them as referenced in the Colbert/Potter bit on his 501c4 in 2012:

Mike Utzinger

mikeutzinger said...


I gave the same link twice, here is the 2012 link:

My apologies.

Boxer said...

Walker's team players coordinated once too often with other campaign teams [to tilt the playing field] and there are few left on the field willing to risk permanent injury [federal charges and jail] for a QB that fans boo when he swaggers onto the field. QB and Team thought they had the refs in their pockets but didn't anticipate the surprising independence of one Francis Schmitz (?). Sacker John Doe is pacing the sidelines of the opposite team, anxious to be put back in the game and take Walker down. Chuck and Dave are fuming in the owner's box: this is not going according to plan!