Sunday, September 7, 2014

Health Care Coverages Lauded in Milwaukie...Oregon

Ironic, isn't it, that a self-centered and prickly Scott Walker has made it harder for thousands of low-income people to obtain health care coverage in Wisconsin - - duly noted in the Journal Sentinel - - and then the same paper runs front-page news today about substantial, thoughtful programming not in Oregon, WI (near Madison), and not in Milwaukee, WI, but in Oregon, the state, and in Milwaukie, near Portland, OR.

The information is fascinating.  (There is a sidebar about related work in Milwaukee, though not at the same, Oregonian levels).

I suggest that Walker read it all, but his snarky rebuttal to the feds' short, focused health insurance sign-up help for those low-income individuals and families caught in the Wisconsin coverage gap of his creation suggests that he doesn't cotton to outside advice.

He and his allies routinely keep people out of the loop on high-profile public policy matters, like the wolf hunt.

And on the iron mine issue - - unless you have a spare $700,000 you'd like to send him via a third-party, as the not-so-liberal Appleton Post-Crescent tracks today.


Anonymous said...

Is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel trying to help Walker by laying out these comparisons? Kind of a subtle hint to ease up on his rhetoric against the Fed's expansion of coverage? (Less direct than the Wall Street Journal's warning that he should "remember who his friends are", but a warning just the same.)

James Rowen said...

No, I don't think so. The paper ran the pieces as part of a cooperative project with an out-of-town reporter. Whatever timing there is has to do with the news value of health care stories, and when the paper has space for a large take-out like that.

If anything, the story helps make the case about deficiencies and needs right here in Wisconsin - - a situation made worse by Walker's shallow and thoughtless partisan/ideological position.

Anonymous said...

A good thing, then. Thanks for providing the background, James - much appreciated.