Thursday, September 4, 2014

For Walker, Packer Football Is A Life Saver

Scott Walker and his pollsters have got to be relieved that the NFL season is finally here.

Elated, actually.

And having the Packers kick things off on a Thursday evening is some serious scheduling serendipity.

John Doe might sell some papers, but Aaron Rodgers & Co. are the green in the media gold standard; splashing those colors and faces above the front page fold as the Journal Sentinel does today is just what Walker would have ordered. 

And Friday should bring more of the same, as will the rest of the season right through the gubernatorial campaign.

TV will run Packer stories at the top and bottom of their newscasts. 

Walker will get himself to home games for cheesy, cheesehead free media, and, in fact, if you're too busy to watch, he'll probably live-Tweet the games for you.

Just another regular Wisconsin guy with more slush in the tank than 7-11.

Football is the perfect antidote to a nasty news cycle that is undermining Walker with news of sleazy secret outside money, bad polling numbers, promises about jobs not being kept and promises to serve out another term not being made

For Team Walker, Green Bay team football right now is a Godsend. It's been a tough week for politics, and when I went to Walker's official Twitter feed just now as I was about to post this blog to see what he's chirping about, I found this to my delight at the top of the page. 

In big type.

The State of Wisconsin needs a win tonight. Its been a tough week for sports.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. A tough week for SPORTS? I think a tough week for Walker.

MadCityVoter said...

Here's to nine more tough weeks for Governor Walker! Soon to be ex-Governor Walker, knock on wood.

A. Wag said...

He never met a parade he didn't eagerly rush to the front of.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

The Pack is not a lifesaver tonight. Everything in this state is going in the tank.