Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Doe Courtroom Impression

These are state issues, not federal matters.

WI Doe process called "very strange" by Judge Easterbrook.

Called "rather unusual" by Chief Judge Wood and she wonders if Appeals Court should "butt" in.
Judge Bauer on the disclosure that any WI citizen can request a Doe: "Doesn't it get crowded in there?"

Judges try to understand differences between a WI Doe and routine Grand Jury procedures, and whether Doe process is investigatory or prosecutorial, as that determines if prosecutors have immunity from damages sought by subjects of probe.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

If it's state, could they toss Randa's ruling on that basis alone, without taking a position?

Now if it's a RICO case, it has to be fed, correct?

Anonymous said...

If Wisconsin law is allowed to be the determining factor in whether prosecutors can be sued, the D.A.'s office in Milwaukee County may be in big trouble here.

The obsession is over-the-top.

JPT said...

Ok then Anon - who would then determine if prosecutors can be sued. It's a catch 23 -
And I might add - it's just not the MC prosecutors - it's several other prosecutors - republicans included and the GAB.

Anonymous said...


The federal court as a matter of a civil rights violation in a different action.

That's the greatest fear of the politically driven D.A.'s office.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

How is life in bubble-world today?

Enjoy reading the next WalkerDocs dump tomorrow. But I'm guessing you don't care since you're being paid to ignore and deflect from it, ain't ya?