Monday, September 1, 2014

Draft Of Walker's Labor Day 'Speech' Found

[Updated, 4:25 p.m. Walker did greet Pres. Obama at the airport. Media photos (item #6) show no ritual transfer of a sports jersey. Walker did not accompany Obama to the Summerfest grounds for the President's Labor Fest address. It that attacked cynicism by entrenched leaders which discourages voting; Obama clearly had Walker in mind].
A reader dropped this off. She said she found it on the back of a George Webb's paper place mat, and I spent the morning getting the hand writing verified by a palm reader south of town and at two area Walgreen's pharmacies, so here's the transcription, verbatim, with his edits and corrections:
Union brothers and sisters.  Fellow state employees. Men and women of Wisconsin;

Labor Day greetings. I've been a friend to Labor and always supported its basic rights, like divide-and-conquer (not here, work in later), collective bargaining.  Fair union elections. The right to walk out. Hey, I told Marquette to take that job and shove it and that's into year twenty-six. See, they tried to divide-and-conquer me from my friends and campaign committee. I showed them, aina!

And a special greeting to Wisconsin public employees. This isn't one of those furlough days assigned by me where some judge comes in later and slaps me for it. It's a real holiday, so enjoy it.

I appreciate all the sacrifices public employees have made since I dropped the bomb my modest proposal on them.  You know we had a budget deficit to close and I've kept my word that we'll never have another one we can sell off enough state properties and raise more taxes on lower-income people to make sure we don't have another one.

And the good thing is, Main Street didn't miss a beat. Jobs are everywhere and if you string three or four of them together, you can earn a living wage. I mean, look at me: I can multi-task, coordinating the state and my campaign and some outside groups just like I did when I was Milwaukee County Executive.

More good jobs news: As I said the other day, our people found a four-day period in the second quarter of my third year in office where we created more jobs than Tennessee, Lower Sandusky and Crimea.

Plus - - and you will see this in the next installment of my ad series, "On the way to 25,000 new jobs" - - the statewide rolling average of new jobs as a percentage of the second-to-most recent fiscal year 's Labor Department monthly survey of employers whose names end in a "B" or "T" was higher than the traditional average of new hires in both The Town of Burke and the Town of Doyle.

There's your smoking gun disclosure right there. Those are real places. PolitiFact my geography. I wouldn't lie to you.

So we're moving in the right direction.

And, yes, I just said "On the way to 25,000 new jobs" because - - and, yes I know I'm making news here and, yes, yes, yes, they say, 'don't waste it on a slow news day off,' but a man's got to do what a man's got to do - - we also found the original draft script of my jobs promise talking points, and I kid you not, it says "25,000. "

So we're more than four-times past the goal. Promise. Whoo-Hoo.

What happened was that an extra "0" got in there. A typo, probably by the same volunteer who put my campaign jobs plan on the web site in that big type.

Volunteers! I mean, everyone can't be a Tim Russell. I miss that guy.

Anyway - - I've kept my promises, and I won't be going to the airport or the Summerfest Grounds today to greet President Obama. (But keep options open. TV will be there.)

I never promised I would, and it's crucial that a leader keep his promises.

Besides, I've already done that airport bit with Obama. He already got his Brewers and Packers' jerseys. (Note to speechwriters, self: Mention Packers and Brewers ALOT from now on.) 

Does he think I'm made out of money? It's not like I can just call up people with money and say, 'send some' to some kind of special fund.

Plus - - he's taller than I am. (Note to self: check Jeb Bush and Rick Perry's height. Damn his cowboy boots. Order lifts. Like the ones I had when I ran against Neumann & Barrett.)

So I'm sticking close to home today. Just me and the family and my defense team. We'll grill some brats in the back yard and I'll spread out that bag of leaves I keep behind the garage and re-rake them in case some reporter comes along to see if I'm working.

Trust me. I'm always working. I don't take a day off, not even Labor Day. You'll see the evidence.  The records. The documents.  My cell phone pictures. Check my Twitter feed later. All the important work stuff is there.


Gareth said...

The obvious solution is to go all-out Libertarian and remove speed limits, stop signs, stop lights, wrong-way and do-not-enter signs, thus allowing the invisible hand of the market to rule the road. Individual vehicular entrepreneurs would be free to choose their own speed, route and level of risk, as risk is what drives markets toward efficiency.

An added bonus would be the new jobs created in the privatized EMS sector. Responders would be paid solely on a per head basis for the number of customers transported to hospitals or the morgue. No more sitting around on the taxpayers' dime just waiting for an accident to happen. Cash or major charge cards would be accepted. EMS personnel could arm themselves with assault rifles in order to protect their property rights from other EMS poachers. Employees would be responsible for purchasing their own body armor.

Remember, there is a Libertarian-NRA paradise just waiting out there for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Yup..............that's definitely a Walker sounding speech. You know what they say if it sounds like a duck [I mean] Walker it must be a Walker.

Ralph said...

Mary Burke must have been too busy outsourcing jobs to China to attend. Of course, neither James or the liberal media will hold her to the Scrima standard. If she were a Waukesha republican she would have been blasted for weeks because she didn't show to greet Emperor Barack I.

James Rowen said...

'Ralph' knows that this is a false and phony argument because this was an official visit, not a campaign visit, so Walker and Barrett, the electeds, greeted Obama at the airport. That is what how Scrima goofed up. When Burke is Governor, she will perform those duties.

Anonymous said...

Outsourcing jobs? How? She doesn't run the company. Besides Burke was at Union Park before the parade and met with Obama privately before his speech.

Anonymous said...

Mary Burke recognized Labor Day and met privately with POTUS. Scott Walker "spent time with his family" and various lawyers and campaign advisers.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Uhhhh, no. Just plain wrong all around. Keep that weak sauce in bubble-world where it belongs.

Boxer said...

Scooter was in his backyard grilling up R.J. Johnsonville brats. (not Ron Johnsonville or S. C. Johnsonville)