Friday, September 5, 2014

Bob McDonnell Had A Job...

(Sing along now..).


His case was hokey,
Hence, the pokey.


With a Rick Scott here,
And a Rick Perry there.
Here's a Christie, there a Walker
Mentor to the Party caulker.

Bob McDonnell had a job.



Anonymous said...

Maybe the Milwaukee journal Sentinel is sitting on the Walker pay to play story because of the connection to McDonald - wasn't he the chair of the Republican Governor's Association - the same group that gave money to the Walker campaign during the recall?

Anonymous said...


Betsey said...

ho, ho, ho! It's not Christmas yet, but here come some gifts we can open early. Do you and Dom Noth have a Poetry Huddle on Friday afternoons, or is it just two sets of brain cells doing the happy dance THIS Friday afternoon**?

**My brain cells are doing the happy dance as well, but they tend not to express themselves in iambic pentameter or rhyming song verse. Thank you, State of VA v. Bob McDonnell, Mary Burke's polling numbers, Federal Judge Richard Posner, whatever gutsy prosecutors are holding Rick Perry's feet to the fire in Texas and Judge Jeffrey Boldt and Wisconsin Public Trust Doctrine. A good day! (. . . and to james e rowen and dom noth for sharing their witty thoughts with us tonight. Click your fingers together!

James Rowen said...

Thank you, Betsey. I sometimes run into my old Journal Sentinel pal Dom at the market. That's about it.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Always follow the money. Which is why the J-S won't drop the hammer on Walker until he's definitely going to lose. Even though they have the goods on him.

That defines corruption- changing what you should do because you're getting PAID

Anonymous said...

It's a sad day when a newspaper stops doing its job: reporting the news, digging for the truth (no matter how bad that news or that truth may reflect on a person, elected official, organization or political party).