Tuesday, September 2, 2014

NY Times Edit Board Beats Journal Sentinel's On Big WI Story

[Update from Sunday for Tuesday: We're into Day 11 of Journal Sentinel editorial silence about the Aug. 22nd Federal Court release of records showing secret funds funneled to 2012 GOP recall campaigns, including Gov.Walker's, at his behest.

Home court advantage undermined:

I've noted twice on this blog - - first item, here - - that the Journal Sentinel editorial board has yet to address the multiple legal and ethical issues raised in court records by prosecutors about Governor Walker's role in questionable and secret strategy coordination, fundraising and campaign-related ad spending disclosed two Fridays ago.

Among the disclosures: $700,000 had been received by a purportedly independent third-party group to help Walker's 2012 recall re-election campaign from a mining company planning a massive and controversial open-pit iron ore operation for Northern Wisconsin close to Lake Superior - - a proposal enabled by sweetheart changes to state environmental and tax laws with Walker's leadership.

Though the paper's editorial board had been quick several months ago to condemn a prominent State Senator caught on a hidden camera by political enemies only talking big about planning similar forbidden coordination and spending.

While we've heard nothing from the Journal Sentinel editorially about these blockbuster disclosures, The New York Times editorial board has managed to discuss them, thus beating the local paper of record to a comprehensive, scene-setting commentary:
How to Buy a Mine in Wisconsin
Did Gov. Scott Walker Violate Campaign Laws?


Jake formerly of the LP said...

The NY Times isn't addicted to Walker ad money like JournalComm is. So they can call out the corruption as it happens, while David Haynes takes orders from his corporate bosses to keep their boy Scotty viable.

Stay on em. Public shaming and exposure might be the only way they come close to calling it fair

nonquixote said...

Since we are discussing actions by the Governor, I've copied my comment from Woods Person blogspot of a few minutes ago:

This morning on WPR with Joy Cardin and guest, State Rep Samantha Kerkman (R) at about eight minutes before the end of the program, Kerkman explained that Walker's delay in making any decision on the Kenosha casino was due to his respecting the rights of the tribes involved because legally they are Sovereign Nations.


Undoubtedly the same respect and time to completely examine issues and potential consequences was extended to the Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa during the Republican led rush to mining deregulation for GTac. I guess the tribes involved in the casino question just haven't found the proper 700,000 reasons to convince Walker yet.

Anonymous said...

Nonquixote for the win! A perfect riposte to the ridiculous contradictions that come from that friend of the First People, He Who Speaks From Both Sides of His Mouth With His Hand In Your Pockets, The Gov.

Boxer said...

JS Ed board--gutless bastards!