Friday, November 15, 2013

Wisconsin GOP's New Motto: 'One Size Does Fit All, We Decide'

Late-night actions by the GOP Assembly reinforce their party's sudden lust for uniformity now that they have gerrymandered themselves into safe, special-interest protected seats for ten years.

Out the Assembly door went local controls or decision-making on early voting hours and public access to forest land in Northern Wisconsin where mining might occur.

Already gone: Reasonable access to women's health-care clinics, urban counties objections to rifle use during deer gun season, wetlands protections, local residency policy for public employees, negotiation and union representation policies between local governments and employees.

Also likely to go away at the hands of GOP statists: local government control of clean air and water near sand mining, and local regulation of ground water when large users like mines, dairies and farms want new high-capacity wells.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Given the current state of Wisconsin I say...

... keep going keep taking away individual rights, local control rights, voting rights, property rights...

there is a tipping point or a straw and a camel when it is reached thing will change and they will change quickly and dramatically.

Reason doesn't work with these morons so lets all look for the straw or the tipping point.19