Monday, November 11, 2013

Walker Wants Tribes To Bail Out Failed Job-Creation Pledge

He's fast-tracking an open pit mine at the edge of the Bad River Band reservation border in NW Wisconsin, and his party is forcing Native Americans to let local schools keep their offensive, race-based mascots and nicknames, but Walker lays at the tribes' collective feet the rescue of his failing job promise.

What gall.

And on the same day he has to admit his jobs-promise is a loser.

This is so transparent. 

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Anonymous said...

A win-win? Either you let them open it or you don't. Evidently keeping things the way they are for a few months will allow him to collect a pile of money from the Ho Chunk and Potowatomi and keep them from giving more money to the Bad River to fight the mine. I suppose too he can negotiate an even sweeter deal from the impoverished Menominee. A Win for Walker anyway.