Friday, November 22, 2013

The Imperial Governor Scott Walker Grants Dispension To Former Friend

Scott Walker allows that yes, there is room for one of his subjects. a certain Paul Ryan, to consider running for the GOP Presidential nomination a touring Walker prefers for himself as more qualified and deserving (based on union-killing, a popular Republican position).

His charitable concession as Compassionate Conservative-in-Chief to this Mr. Ryan as an "exception" to Walker's rules of candidate suitability, with Walker as the standard to be standard-bearer, is reported in the Journal Sentinel:
In a breakfast roundtable with Washington reporters, Walker made an explicit exception for fellow Wisconsinite and House budget chair Paul Ryan, who like Walker is considered a potential candidate for the 2016 Republican nomination.   
 “I think Paul Ryan is one of the exceptions to that rule,” said Walker, saying Ryan, the 2012 vice-presidential candidate, has a “tenacity” for reform and looks at issues with “an executive sense.”
From someone who has in his resume and background and analytical depth all of 94 credits from Marquette Univesity over four years with a GPA of 2.59 - - high praise.

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Anonymous said...

Talked with someone who lives and works in D C and she said the sentiment she hears out there is that many see him as riding the white horse and wearing the white hat. She couldn't explain why many think he's the answer. I suspect the media coverage they receive is his travels and propaganda. I sure hope that's not how the rest of the country views him.